Why choose giftshop-info.co.uk?

The website giftshop-info.co.uk is part of the platform Klik-info.co.uk, which consists out of different industry-oriented websites where entrepreneurs can register their companies. Our websites combine a traditional company-guide with interesting articles and offer our visitors the possibility to compare and contact other companies. We currently have more than 200 industry-oriented websites, that account for more than 85.000 registered companies and more than 8 million pageviews a year. In the last few years, we have expanded into international markets, our platform is now active in the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

Lifting your burdens, now and always

Our goal is to lift as many burdens for entrepreneurs as possible. Now and in the future. We achieve this through our industry-oriented websites, but also by offering our online marketing services. In the future we wish to develop products and services that help entrepreneurs with invoicing, planning and administration. We do this by keeping our mission in mind: making sure that you can focus on what you do best as entrepreneur. We will handle the rest.

Expertise and years of experience

The Q-info websites have existed for over 10 years. Klik-info is a project designed by a Dutch internet company, specialised in the development of complex software. In addition, the company has a dedicated marketing- and sales department, that works every day on the improvement of the platform. By using our expertise in software development we can keep our websites up and running, while simultaneously working on expanding it even further. The years of experience our team has in online marketing ensures that we can help you with your own website and your online visibility. During this process, we will always take your specific industry into account.

Transparency and customer satisfaction

Transparency and customer experience are very important to us. That’s why we offer a free profile to everyone. You will only have to pay when you choose for one of our paid services yourself. You can cancel or delete your profile at any time. Clear communication is very important for us, that is why we always communicate exactly what you have to pay and what the delivery time of our services will be. This way, you know exactly what to expect! Are you looking for corresponding invoices? No worries! By logging into your account you can get an overview of all your invoices. If you do have a question, feel free to contact us. Our customer service is always ready to answer your questions and ensures that you receive a personal answer within 24 hours on workdays.

Want to know more?

Do you have any questions about our company, our platform, or any of our other services we offer? Feel free to contact us via service@giftshop-info.co.uk or call us at +31 38 460 34 48.